How to Have a Soil Test Done

 Best Results, Get a Soil Test

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To get the best results for your lawn and garden, whether planting grass, ornamental plants and flowers, or vegetables, have your soil tested. Testing your soil is easy and inexpensive and tells you how to improve the quality of your soil and how to match the plants to the type of soil you have. Depending on the size and condition of your space and what you want to plant, you may need to take soil samples from several parts of your yard. The soil should be dry when you dig up your soil test sample, as wet soil may give false results.

It’s easy to have your soil tested by the Penn State Extension and the cost is very small. Below is a video by Penn State showing how to collect your soil sample — it’s easy! Also, check out the county extension offices listed below to find the office nearest you. Check out the price list and the many kinds of soil and other tests you can order:


Penn State College of Agriculture County Extension Offices

Montgomery County extension office   ( )

Soil profile 236x288 38.76 KB. Units are inches.

Soil profile 236×288 38.76 KB. Units are inches. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bucks County extension office  ( )

Philadelphia County extension office  ( )

Delaware County extension office  ( )

Chester County extension office   ( )


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