Fall Lawn Care Tips for Philadelphia

The lawn of a garden taken from a low level.

The lawn of a garden taken from a low level. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As summer turns into fall in the Philadelphia area the care of your lawn should change as well. Once winter starts, lawns go dormant, causing many people to think they do not need to do anything for the lawn until springtime rolls around again. However, there are some important fall lawn care tips worth following to get a healthy, green lawn when winter ends.


During spring and summer, people enthusiastically fertilize their lawns to get the grass looking green and lush. However, fertilizing during the fall is important as well to give the grass some important nutrients that feed the roots that continue to grow underground during winter. The last time you should fertilize the lawn in Philadelphia is late October. Note that special “winterized” fertilizer types are usually not necessary; just buy the regular types of lawn fertilizer.


While it may no longer be hot, your grass still needs to be watered on a regular basis. Water regularly until the ground begins to freeze. Of course, if it is raining on a regular basis you can hold off on the sprinklers until things dry up a bit. Remember to blow out your sprinkler system before everything freezes over, which is something that a professional lawn maintenance company can do.


Another important tip for fall lawn maintenance is to re-seed before winter comes to stay. Lawns get a lot of traffic during the summer, so seed helps restore some grass health.


English: Agri-Fab plug aerator towed by a lawn...

English: Agri-Fab plug aerator towed by a lawn tractor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Again, while many people aerate their lawn in the spring in preparation for summer, aeration during the fall is essential as well. This increases oxygen, nutrient and water flow in the grass before it goes dormant, adding overall health and texture when the lawn re-emerges in the spring.

Rake Often

That blanket of leaves may be pretty and fun for the kids and pets at first, but if they are left on the lawn the leaves block sunlight and hold moisture, creating the perfect place for mold and fungus to grow, which can cause health problems for people and grass. Rake up the leaves at least once a week.

Professional Maintenance

Essentially, lawn care in the fall is just as important as it is in the spring and summer. If you are not certain how to proceed or do not have time or energy for the hard work, contact a professional lawn company in Philadelphia that provides year-round lawn care for the best results.

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