Current Landscaping Trends

Curb Appeal

Landscaping is the one of the first things that people notice when approaching your home. Redesigning is so much more than just adding a few shrubs, keeping the lawn manicured and adding beautiful flowers, it’s about taking pride in the home and its outdoor spaces. Those who delve into transforming their yard can reap the rewards of having a home that is the pride of the neighborhood. Every year new trends develop in the overall gardening designs in the Philadelphia area. What was in last year may be out this year. Keeping up with current trends will not only make the landscape look amazing, but it doesn’t hurt to have the best looking yard on the block.


Biggest Landscaping Trends for 2013 and 2014

With the schedule of most working people increasing in demand, many are looking for plants that need very little care. The goal in using low maintenance foliage and hedges is to ensure that they are drought resistant and hardy enough to withstand the wet winter weather. Because time is precious, people want something that looks great and is functional, without having to prune all the time. One hearty plant that can be used in Philadelphia is the hibiscus. Beautiful and with fragrant flowers, these plants can withstand the harsh climates of the Northeastern side of the country.

If you’re looking for a privacy hedge that has beautiful green color year round, one of the most popular is the evergreen. It gets its name for the continuously green color. They are able to withstand harsh temperatures and extreme fluctuations. According to Scott’s, two of the best types of hedges to plant and maintain are currant and gooseberry bushes. Not only will these beautiful bushes provide an wonderful fragrance, they will also give ample amounts of fruit for the family to enjoy. Going along with the organic gardening theme, these are crowd-pleasers.


A Simpler Landscaping Plan

According to HGTV, gone are the days when bigger and more elaborate is better. People are getting back to nature and want something simpler. This coincides with having a yard that needs little attention. It is not uncommon for some people to let areas of their yard grow wild. This allows a great deal of animals to take shelter, and let’s not forget about the amazing wildflowers that will grow. The natural look requires little maintenance and gives a woodsy feel to the entire space. It is a great way to watch nature when incorporated with an ideal viewing area in the house or on the patio. While this may not work for everyone, it is important to know that a well-manicured landscape is not the only look that works.

Little To No Grass

The fact that a lawn wouldn’t have grass is foreign to some people. Actually, the latest trend for 2013 is to plant very little or no grass at all. The states out west often use rocks and mulch to do their landscape work because of the extreme temperatures. Grass needs to be watered and mowed often. Rather than having the hassle of dealing with a lawnmower and all the upkeep tools, planting a rock garden with beautiful flowering bushes and other decorative plants is the way to go.

Adding a waterfall or a fountain to a rock garden is perfect. Not only will the soothing sounds of the water splashing on the rocks be comforting, but it will also provide a visual delight. Water is very tranquil and sitting outside after a long day of work is amazing. Enjoying the garden and water is the perfect way to spend an evening.

In the Philadelphia area, people tend to want a grassy area for their children or pets to play, so it may work best to maintain grass in a part of the yard and try some newer landscaping styles for the rest.

An Edible Garden

The need for safe, more healthy food has many families growing some of their own fruits and vegetables as well as herbs, even in urban areas. This is great for cutting the grocery bill, but a carefully planned garden can also be beautiful as part of the landscaping. As awareness continues to grow for the need for fresh, pesticide-free produce, this trend is likely one that is here to stay. Incorporating some herbs and other edible items into the garden is a good project that the kids can help with. This is a great way to get children involved with gardening and also tempt them to try more varieties of vegetables. It’s harder to refuse your veggies when you grew them with your own hands: not only do they get the benefits of planting and nurturing the plants, but they also get to reap the rewards of eating the foods.

Chickens and Bees

While normally a family wouldn’t incorporate animals into their landscape design, this is one of the hottest trends according to HGTV. This is another facet of the idea to grow and produce food and be more self-sufficient. Bee hives are ornate and chicken coops can be too — they can give a rustic, back-to-nature feel to the yard that so many want, or they can be whimsical, or match the house to every detail. While this won’t work for every busy family, they add a sense that “getting back to nature” is what lawns these days are all about. People in Bucks County embrace using chickens and bees for honey and eggs.

Easy Care Landscaping Is Here to Help

Regardless of what style a family likes, the fact is really anything goes, done tastefully. While people are getting a little braver with their yard and landscape designs, it is another way for people to express themselves. The organic lifestyle is something that has been going on and continues to increase in popularity. People love being self-sufficient and also the peace of mind of knowing where their food came from and what was used to help it grow. Creating a tranquil space can be done with hedging, flowering shrubs, herbs. Easy Care Landscaping can help you plan the best landscaping and style for your yard and your budget, both time and money. Also, we can help with some of the thing you might not think of when you think of a landscaping company, so if you’re hoping for a garden but don’t feel you have the time (or energy), let us prepare the garden space for you, so you can simply plant the seeds and tend to the growing vegetables.

Call us for help while you are in the landscaping planning stages, for the best results. Some yards are crowded with trees that have grown too big for the yard, are sickly or just in the wrong place such as too close to the house. Our certified tree expert can help you decide which to remove and make the removal safe and clean, leaving no trace behind.




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